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Erik Hartstrom

Estate Planning Attorney
Founder, Estate Plan Pros

Three Pillars of Estate Planning

Plan with Your Voice

Your family is unique.  With the wealth of options you can leverage in an estate plan, you can avoid saddling your family with a cookie-cutter-fill-in-the-blank form.

Integrated with Your Stuff

Trusts avoid probate by holding your assets.  When trusts are left empty, your assets are exposed to further court proceedings, and possibly probate.  We help you correctly transfer the right assets into your trust.

Long Term Support

Life changes, and sometimes those changes will impact your estate plan.  Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that we are a free call or email away.

What our Clients Say…

Erik Hartstrom presented a dinner class on Estate Trusts in simple terms


I attended an Estate Trust dinner class put on by Erik Hartstrom and he explained how trusts work in simple and easy to understand terms.
I followed up with him and created a new trust that I had for twenty years into a more simple format. He takes the time to fully explain how to prevent go to probate and making your assets manageable for your heirs. This process provides peace of mind.

Avoid Probate

Fred Client

Creating a Trust is something that most people overlook. Finding the right attorney sometimes can be a challenge. As an attorney, Erik Hartstrom is very knowledgeable and equally as patient. My wife and I were able to get all of our questions answered during our sessions when the draft for the Trust was being created.


Elizabeth Client

Erik Hartstrom's expertise in trusts made me feel safe that all my wishes as to what would happen to my grandchildren when I pass would be followed. I have legal guardianship and I was concerned about their physical and financial well being if I pass while they are still minors. Erik helped me put a trust together that allows me to feel safe. And you can't ask for more than that.

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