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Our Process

Our Estate Planning process usually begins with answering some questions that come up when anyone starts to get serious about their estate plan. This often happens at one of our monthly events or through a Free phone consultation.

The next steps include the following:

Vision Meeting

Together, we will discover your goals and desires for your family.  Then we will work through the details of the proposed plan to create a customized estate plan strategy that meets your goals and objectives while addressing your concerns and anxieties.

Review Meeting

We review the documents to ensure that you understand your estate plan and that it meets your goals and objectives.

Delivery Meeting

At this point, you will sign the legal documents to implement your estate plan!

Lifetime Service Plan

As a member of our Estate Plan Pros family, among other benefits, we review your estate plan every three years in light of any changes in your family, finances, the law, or new planning strategies to help ensure your plan continues to carry out its original intent.